In fulfillment with the duty of information collected in article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information Society and of the E-commerce, to continuation reflect  the following data: the company title of the website (from now on, the Website) is Chus Vivarte (from now on, The Headline), with domicile to these effects in Street The Cano, 9, Low To, 38612 The Médano (Tenerife), with telephone 646409308 and direction of post


The User engages  to use the Website, the contents and services of compliance with the Law, the present Legal notice, the good habits and the public order. Of the same way the user forces  to not using the Web or the services that loan  through him with ends or illicit or contrary effects to the content of the present Legal notice, harmful for the interests or rights of third, or that anyway can damage, disable or deteriorate the Web, his services or prevent a normal enjoy by other users. Likewise, the user engages  on purpose to not destroying, alter, disable or, of any another form, damage the data, programs or electronic documents and other that find  in this, engaging to not hindering the access to the service by means of the massive consumption of the computer resources as well as realise actions that damage, interrupt or generate errors in said systems without entering programs, virus, macros, applets, controls ActiveX or any another logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are susceptible to cause any type of alteration in the computer systems of Vivarte Ocean Art.


All the contents of the present web page, including without limiting character, texts, charts, images, his design and the intellectual property rights that could correspond to said contents, as well as all the marks, commercial names or any another distinctive sign are property of Vivarte Ocean Art or of his legitimate owners, remaining reserved all the rights on the same. It remains forbidden therefore any act of reproduction of the same, entirely or partly, in any form or half, was mechanical, electronic, reprográfico or another, as well as any act of diffusion, public communication or distribution, without the previous permission by writing of Vivarte Ocean Art or of his legitimate owners, those who will not be responsible of the damages or damages that could derive of the undue utilisation by part of the users or of the infringement by part of these of any valid legal disposal.


In the user will be able to find links to other pages by means of different buttons, links, etc. Said links do not suppose a suggestion, invitation or recommendation for the visit of these places of destination and thus it does not hold responsible of the result obtained through the same.

The hyperlinks contained in can head to web pages of third, by what Vivarte Ocean Art does not assume any responsibility of the content, informations or services that could appear in said pages and, that in no case involve relation any between The Headline and the people or entities titled of such contents.


Information stored automatically in his computer.

When you goes in in our website, can store some information in his computer through a cookie so as to recognise him of automatic form the next time that you go back. If you does not wish to be recognised, please, through his browser of Internet, erase the cookies of the hard disk of his computer, block all the cookies or select to receive a warning before this was stored.


In Vivarte Ocean Art are engaged with the respect to the privacy of the user and the protection of his personal data. Thus, The Headline adopts the measures demanded by the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Data protection of Personal Character, as well as the measures of planned security in the Royal decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, by which approves  the Regulation of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December of Data protection of Personal Character.

The users have recognised and will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, through the email to info@vivarteoceanart .com.


The portal does not guarantee the continuous and permanent availability of the services, remaining in this way exonerated of any responsibility by possible damages and damages caused like consequence of the fault of availability of the service by reasons of greater strength or errors in the telematic networks of transfer of data, extraneous to his will, or by disconnections realised by works of improvement or maintenance of the teams and computer systems. In these cases, the portal will do his best efforts to warn with an antelación of 24 hours to the interruption. The portal will not be responsible by the interruption, suspension or ending of the information or services. Likewise, it does not hold responsible of the possible omissions, losses of information, data, configurations, undue accesses or violation of the confidentiality that have origin in technical problems, of communications or human omissions, caused by third or no imputable to the portal. Neither it will answer of the damages produced by computer attacks or caused by virus that affect to computer programs, systems of communications or teams used by the Portal but manufactured or facilitated by a third. The portal will be able to, to his alone discretion, denegar, withdraw, suspend and/or block anytime and without need of previous warning the access to the information and services to those users that break the present norms.

Excepting the cases that the Law impose on purpose the contrary, and exclusively with the measure and extension in that it impose it, the application does not guarantee neither assumes responsibility any with regard to the possible damages and damages caused by the use and utilisation of the information, data and services of the portal.

The owner of the web excludes, until where allows the juridical legislation, any responsibility by the damages and damages of all nature derived of:

a) The impossibility of access to the website or the fault of veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and/or actuality of the contents, as well as the existence of vices and defects of all class of the contents transmitted, spread, stored, put to disposal to which have accessed  through the website or of the services that offer .

b) The presence of virus or of other elements in the contents that can produce alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or data of the users.

c) The incumplimiento of the laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of the traffic and the present legal notice like consequence of the wrong use of the website.


The form of payment of the on-line shop will be by means of charge cards or debit, Paypal and banking Transfer.


Vivarte Ocean Art will be able to modify, without prior notice, the information contained in his website, as well as his configuration and presentation engaging through this half to not realising deceptive advertising.

To these effects, therefore, will not be considered like deceptive advertising the formal or numerical errors that can find along the content of the distinct sections of the web produced like consequence of a maintenance and/or incomplete or defective update of the information contained is these sections. The Headline, like consequence of the had in this section, engages  to correct it so prompt as have knowledge of said errors.